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Please be sure to Join YHS Football on TeamApp too. https://yhsfootball.teamapp.com  Ensure you are a member of the Boosters Parent Group

Additional questions – please email yhsfootballbooster@gmail.com

Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities

Football Season Volunteer Sign-Up Genius - Thank you in advance for your help!



Join YHS Football on Team App for up-to-date alerts and information!  https://yhsfootball.teamapp.com

  • 2022 Fall Pictures are TODAY Wed 8/17 – Click for Schedule (8/17/2022)
  • Yorktown Beats W-L to win Liberty District Championship!! (11/7/2021)

    It was a great day for FOOTBALL!  Congratulations to the 2021 Liberty District Champions!  

    First playoff game is at HOME on 12 November!  Call your friends – bring your neighbors.  Let’s get loud and cheer our team!!

    More about the win against W-L in Sun Gazette

  • Yorktown Football Salutes Virginia Hospital Center (11/3/2021)

    The Yorktown High School (YHS) football boosters presented the staff at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) with bouquets of discount cards to say thank you for their work during the pandemic and beyond.  The cards include discounts to local businesses within the YHS and VHC community who sponsor the football program.

    Read about it in Sun Gazette and Inside Nova

  • Reminder – Please update your user groups on TeamApp (9/25/2021)

    We have determined some parents might not be getting the most up to date information because they are only member of last season’s groups. Please take a minute to check your profile and ensure you are a member of the Boosters Parent Group

  • Volunteers Needed for Football Home Games (9/2/2021)

    Thank you to everyone volunteering at the Varsity home game tonight!

    Varsity parents – we still need parents for the Snack Bar and Merchandise Table at the 9/9 Freshmen and JV games. If you can’t work on 9/9, there are plenty of openings for the next 2 September home games. Freshmen and JV only have 5 home games this season of which 3 are in September.

    JV/Freshmen parents – we still need 1 more Freshmen Chain Gang volunteer for the 9/9 game. Chain Gang are the parents on the sidelines of the field managing signal poles. No experience necessary! You’ll be told what to do. We also need many volunteers for the last September home game for Varsity on 9/17. After that we only have 2 more Varsity regular season home games.

    Here is the link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0C48A4AB23A0F49-2021

    If you open it on your computer, use the Calendar View. That button is in the green header, right below where it says “created by Juliana Yaskin”. Just find the game you want to work and click there. All openings will show. For some reason the regular list view on a computer shows Varsity openings multiple times. You can sign up that way, but it’s confusing. If you open it on your phone, everything shows correctly. One day I might even figure out what is going on with it!

    Thank you for your help. We honestly couldn’t do this without your support!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!


  • Volunteers Needed For Next 2 Varsity Games (8/22/2021)

    We need at least 3 more snack bar volunteers for the Varsity game this Friday, August 27th.

    We need 11 snack bar volunteers and 4 Chain Gang volunteers for the Varsity game on Thursday, September 2nd.

    I know our Home Varsity games are very front-end loaded, but that’s the schedule. Please take a look and see if you can knock out your snack bar obligation this week or next. Thank you!!


  • Email addresses needed – Especially 10th Graders (8/11/2021)

    If you have not received an email about the fundraiser on August 29th, we do not have your email address. Please use the following link to provide it when you have a moment. We will also be collecting them at the Freshmen Team meeting tonight.

    You will see on the google sheet a request for your player’s shirt and short size. This is for player packs. If your player was at practice this past Saturday then we have the information. If your player was not at practice, please use this sheet to input their information.


    Thank you for your assistance!!

  • *Final* – Senior Night Update (4/1/2021)


    Due to a lot of things and coupled with COVID restrictions we need to make one final change to tomorrow’s schedule and revise some events. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.

    6:15-6:20: families will gather in the near field end zone for a coaches’ talk. This is a long tradition at YHS and we are excited to be able to honor it.

    6:45: there will be an on field ceremony for parents/players that will include introductions and pictures.

    Following the introductions and ceremony, families will remain on the field with their player for the National Anthem. Families will line up by their players’ helmets, which will be on the sideline spaced appropriately.

    Please arrive in time to complete Covid screening and remember everyone must be masked at all times.

    Following the last game of the season we will post all pictures that we have taken throughout the season for you and your player to download/print (free) in a Dropbox site, including those we take tomorrow.

    Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

    Thank you and congratulations to you all!

    Go Patriots!!!!

    Jen Leonard

    Jennifer Leonard

  • Fire Pit/Drum Grill Online Raffle – Hurry Ends Soon (3/31/2021)

    The Yorktown Football boosters are raffling off a Logo 55-gallon Fire Pit with free home delivery.  

    Congratulations to Susan Ascencio, this year’s winner of the YHS custom Fire Pit!

    Thanks to everyone who supported YHS Football!

    YHS Burn Barrel

  • Football Team Photos (3/25/2021)

    Team Pictures are coming up – attached is the schedule for Monday, March 29 and April 5. Pictures will be taken in the courtyard and Atrium, practicing social distancing and mask wearing. Here is the link to the picture order form: https://yorktownsports.org/main/filesLinks/

    Here is the link for the Football Picture Day schedule, it is different for each team.
    Team Picture Day & Time Schedule

    Whitney Distaso, YHS Football Booster President

2021 Fall Season - Look for Home Game Live Stream info in TeamApp

9/10 - Varsity - Madison - Away Game


2020-2021 Season Recap

Home Games - Yorktown Booster Live Stream
Subscribe to YHS YouTube Channel!  or search YHS Boosters on YouTube

4/9 - Varsity - T.C. Williams @ Annandale- Away Game 


The game will be live streamed on Annandale’s NFHS network. The game will be labeled Annandale vs. Yorktown so please let family members know that is not a mistake

3/31 - Freshman/JV - McLean- Away Game (requires subscription)


3/25 - Freshman/JV - Langley - Away Game (requires subscription)


3/19 - Varsity - Herndon- Away Game


3/11 - Freshman & JV Games - WL - Away Game


3/5 - Varsity - South Lakes - Away Game


2/23 - Varsity - Mt. Vernon - Away Game


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2021/2022 Yorktown High School Football Schedule

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2022 Football Dues

Football Dues are $75 for Freshman and $125 for JV/Varsity.   Dues can be paid ONLINE HERE

Dues can be sent via Venmo to @YHSFB-Boosters.  Please include your player's name and team (Varsity/JV/Freshmen) in the comments.

Checks, made out to Yorktown Football Boosters, can be mailed to:
Elizabeth Bruington
YHS Football Boosters
1116 N. Kentucky St. Arlington VA 22205
Please include Player's name in Memo Line


Yorktown Football Boosters will have girdles available for sale at the start of the season.  

Follow YHS Football on Instagram – @yhspatriotsfootball
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