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Welcome to the website for YHS Girls Soccer, the 2019 state champions!

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  • Let’s Go! Girls Soccer wins VA State Championship 2022! (6/11/2022)

  • Let’s Go! Girls Soccer advances to State Championship 2022! (6/10/2022)

  • Congrats to our Girls Soccer Northern Region Champs 2022! (6/2/2022)

  • Congrats to our Girls Soccer Liberty District Champs 2022! (5/20/2022)

  • Congrats to our Girls Soccer Seniors 2022! (5/9/2022)

  • YHS Soccer Booster Meeting 2022 (2/26/2022)

  • YHS Soccer Senior Night (5/18/2021)

    Thank you to the YHS Soccer Seniors for their dedication and strong representation of Yorktown as they move on to their future endeavors.
    Please find a packet included for the Girls (May 18th) and Boys (May 20th) Senior Night. 

    Senior Night Packet: 
    Website with tributes 2021 sr book compilation

  • Senior Night (4/30/2021)

    Girls Senior Night is on May 18th (Updated). Boys Senior Night will be on May 20th. The Seniors will be accompanied by their parents will be honored at Halftime during the game that day.

  • YHS Boosters Family Night Notes (4/27/2021)


    Thanks to the committee and coaches for kicking off the season with a successful Booster’s Night. Here are Michelle Lusk’s Top Six takeaways from the event.

    1. NOTES FROM VIRTUAL BOOSTER MEETING —  Thank you Jason Gropper for taking notes and to the entire Steering Committee (listed below) for all their hard work.  Individual contact emails for those on the Booster Steering Committee are at the end of this email and in the notes.
    2. DUES and WARM UP DRI-FITS DISTRO TODAY — We are doing great on dues. It would be terrific to have 100 percent participation (see attached flyer for ways to submit payment or get assistance). We are distributing the white warm up Dri-Fit shirts provided to EVERY player by the boosters TODAY so they can wear them when they warm up at their games on Tuesday.  Liz Talotta (Thank you for ordering and organizing this effort.) will be at the girls practice and Michelle Lusk (me) will be at the boys practice. 
    3. HOME GAME STREAMING — Thank you to Angie Gary (overall organizer and primary Girls game streamer) and Christine Schofield (Assistant Organizer and streamer) for organizing game sign up and training.  Also, thank you for the great response to help with this.  All questions/interest should be directed to Angie Gary at awalkergary@gmail.com.  FOR ALL YOU FANS, HOME games will be streamed starting tomorrow.  You can access it by going to our website at yhsboosters.org and going to the YHS Streaming tab at the top.  You can also access it by going to youtube and searching YHS Boosters where the streamed games are maintained for access even after the game has ended.
    4. ALL SENIORS (Boys and Girls) — Meet at the front of the school tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27th at 5:30pm for your Senior headshots/masked group photo with our professional photographer (Keely Owendoff, Soccer Booster Parent).  Senior nights are fast approaching (Boys on May 20th and Girls on May 27th) so we are moving quickly on all our efforts to honor Seniors.  Wear your full uniform and bring a mask.  Once done, Girls can get on the bus for the away game and boys can head to the field for warmups. 
    5. BOYS SOCKS — can be purchased from Beth Mahan at bethmahan@verizon.net  (Boys Varsity) and Christine Schofield at cschofield92@gmail.com (Boys JV) for $12 a pair.
    6. POP UP SALE HUGE SUCCESS — Thank you for your support, to all the individuals who helped work it, and to Annalena for managing all the money!  Electronic payments are still coming in, but I know we made over 1k.  

     Have a great week and GO PATRIOTS SOCCER!!!!!! Michelle Gibson Lusk



    Michelle Gibson Lusk (yhssoccerbooster2020@gmail.com) or personal michelleglusk@gmail.com (Co-Chair and Senior Night Boys)

    Liz Talotta liztalotta@yahoo.com (Co-Chair)

    Annalena Winer agwiner@hotmail.com (Treasurer)

    Camille Scarborough cscarborough@verizon.net (Website, girls)

    Jason Gropper jason.gropper@gmail.com (Website, boys)

    Wendy Green wendygreen8@gmail.com (Senior night Girls)

    Linda Woods linda13.woods@gmail.com (Spirit)

  • YHS Soccer Boosters Family Night 4/21/21 – 7:30PM (4/12/2021)

2020/2021 Yorktown Girls Soccer Schedule

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2021 Coaching Staff

Hannah Davis, Varsity Head Coach


Ashley Candeletti, Varsity Assistant Coach


Maddie Brennan, JV Head Coach


Andrew Dane, JV Assistant Coach




Soccer Booster Dues (4 Teams - Boys/Girls JV and Varsity)

 For financial aid, contact Mike Krulfeld at michael.krulfeld@apsva.us

 Dues cover:

  • YHS Soccer dri-fit practice shirt
  • Team and coach support
  • Website and 501c3 status maintenance
  • Senior night gifts and activities

Senior Tributes

Would you like to send a special message to a graduating senior? Each senior tribute costs $20 and supports booster club activities. If you are paying by check or venmo/paypal, attach a note with your tribute message and include $20 per message with your dues payment. If you are using the form below you will need to fill out the form for your dues and again for your tribute. Your message will be printed and delivered on Senior Night.

Ways to pay your dues:

  • Use the form below and pay with your credit card.
  • Make checks payable to YHS Boosters during the booster meeting (put soccer and team in memo, GV, BV, GJV, BJV)
  • Paypal to agwiner@hotmail.com (indicate for soccer and team in memo, GV, BV, GJV, BJV)
  • Venmo to @Annalena Winer (indicate for soccer and team in memo, GV, BV, GJV, BJV)
  • Payments by credit card will automatically receive a 501(c)(3) receipt.  If you choose to use one of the other methods and wish to receive a 501(c)(3) receipt, please fill out the form below and select Offline Donation. 

Soccer Booster Dues

Plus an additional to cover gateway fees.
Select Payment Method
Personal Info

Credit Card Info
This is a secure SSL encrypted payment.

Donation Total: $100.00

Interested in getting involved with the Soccer Boosters?

Urgent help is needed with livestreaming home games!

Other needs include spirit signs, fundraising, and senior night.

If you would like to volunteer, contact Michelle Lusk at yhssoccerbooster2020@gmail.com

If you would like to help with Senior Night or the website, contact Camille Scarborough at cscarborough@verizon.net