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Fire Pit Online Raffle – Thanks for Supporting Yorktown Football
Congratulations to Susan Ascencio, who won the YHS Custom Burn Barrell-Fire Pit raffle.  

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Additional questions – please email yhsfootballbooster@gmail.com

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2020-2021 Varsity/JV Dues

Varsity/JV Dues are $145 this year.  You can pay online here.
If you prefer, you may write a check, made payable to YHS Football Boosters.  Please include your player's name in the memo section.  Send checks to: Leslie Saenz - YHS Football Booster, 2010 Patrick Henry Drive, Arlington VA 22205.  
Only Varsity and JV players pay football dues, Freshman players do not have football dues.


If you ordered a football girdle through TeamApp, you can pay online here.
Girdles are $22.  Online payments will include a small service fee.  If you prefer, you may write a check, made payable to YHS Football Boosters.  Please include your player's name in the memo section.  Send checks to: Leslie Saenz - YHS Football Booster, 2010 Patrick Henry Drive, Arlington VA 22205.  


2020/2021 Yorktown High School Football Schedule

Yorktown Sports FEED

QR Code for Player Roster
QR Code for Player Roster - updated 3/24/21 by Mr. Krulfeld

Home Games - Yorktown Booster Live Stream
Subscribe to YHS YouTube Channel!  or search YHS Boosters on YouTube

4/9 - Varsity - T.C. Williams @ Annandale- Away Game 


The game will be live streamed on Annandale’s NFHS network. The game will be labeled Annandale vs. Yorktown so please let family members know that is not a mistake

3/31 - Freshman/JV - McLean- Away Game (requires subscription)


3/25 - Freshman/JV - Langley - Away Game (requires subscription)


3/19 - Varsity - Herndon- Away Game


3/11 - Freshman & JV Games - WL - Away Game


3/5 - Varsity - South Lakes - Away Game


2/23 - Varsity - Mt. Vernon - Away Game


Ticket Swap

In the interest of stream-lining the ticket swap process we have developed 3 Google docs (1 for each team - Varsity, JV and Freshmen). 

Anyone with an extra ticket should enter their name and contact information into the appropriate Google doc. 

Anyone in search of an extra ticket should continue to look at the appropriate Google doc to see if anyone has posted about an extra ticket.  Once you see someone enter their info as having an extra ticket, simply enter your name in the appropriate place and contact the giver to coordinate the swap.

While this is not perfect, it should get us through the rest of the season and hopefully make it a little bit easier to manage this process.  Please be aware that multiple people can be in each document at the same time and that everyone has edit access.  You may actually see someone typing their info when you are in the document.




Join YHS Football on Team App for up-to-date alerts and information!  https://yhsfootball.teamapp.com

  • *Final* – Senior Night Update (4/1/2021)


    Due to a lot of things and coupled with COVID restrictions we need to make one final change to tomorrow’s schedule and revise some events. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.

    6:15-6:20: families will gather in the near field end zone for a coaches’ talk. This is a long tradition at YHS and we are excited to be able to honor it.

    6:45: there will be an on field ceremony for parents/players that will include introductions and pictures.

    Following the introductions and ceremony, families will remain on the field with their player for the National Anthem. Families will line up by their players’ helmets, which will be on the sideline spaced appropriately.

    Please arrive in time to complete Covid screening and remember everyone must be masked at all times.

    Following the last game of the season we will post all pictures that we have taken throughout the season for you and your player to download/print (free) in a Dropbox site, including those we take tomorrow.

    Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

    Thank you and congratulations to you all!

    Go Patriots!!!!

    Jen Leonard

    Jennifer Leonard

  • Fire Pit/Drum Grill Online Raffle – Hurry Ends Soon (3/31/2021)

    The Yorktown Football boosters are raffling off a Logo 55-gallon Fire Pit with free home delivery.  

    Congratulations to Susan Ascencio, this year’s winner of the YHS custom Fire Pit!

    Thanks to everyone who supported YHS Football!

    YHS Burn Barrel

  • Football Team Photos (3/25/2021)

    Team Pictures are coming up – attached is the schedule for Monday, March 29 and April 5. Pictures will be taken in the courtyard and Atrium, practicing social distancing and mask wearing. Here is the link to the picture order form: https://yorktownsports.org/main/filesLinks/

    Here is the link for the Football Picture Day schedule, it is different for each team.
    Team Picture Day & Time Schedule

    Whitney Distaso, YHS Football Booster President

  • Varsity W-L Tickets – Important (3/12/2021)

    Today at 3 pm we will be accepting names on the Google Doc, link below, for those interested in a 3rd ticket. For this home game vs W&L, parents of Varsity players will be receiving 2 tickets. In addition, if you are a varsity parent and know you have an extra ticket you may also post your extra ticket on this list as well. We are unsure of how many extras we may have, hence the reason for accepting names at this time. Thank you.
    Varsity Ticket Doc:

    Whitney Distaso, YHS Football Booster President

  • Help Support Yorktown Football – Pietanza and YHS Drum Grill/Firepit Raffle! (3/9/2021)

    Mark Your Calendar for THIS Weds –  March 10th 11:30 am – 9:00 pm!

    Lunch & Dinner @ Pie-Tanza!!!

    **Tell your server or when you call in to place your order you are here for YHS Football!

    YHS Drum Grill/Firepit Raffle!

    To enter the raffle, go to:

    Or text to enter the raffle:
    yorktownfootball to 855-202-2100

    YHS Burn Barrel

    A big thank you to all those who reached out to offer your volunteering help and for Deanne Brock who organized the Drum Raffle, and Jamie Bell for organizing the Pietanza night. We’re very grateful for your help!!!

    YHS Football Boosters; Whitney, Leslie & Julianna

  • YHS Boosters LiveStream (2/28/2021)

    YHSBoosters is working in coordination with Yorktown Sports to bring everyone LiveStreaming for the Fall and Spring Sports this year. Rather than coordinate a LiveStream link each week, we recommend you simply subscribe to our YouTube Channel and then you can navigate to the LiveStream for each game, which will be organized under a Playlist for each Sport. Our current plan is to LiveStream ALL home games for both Football and Field Hockey, so don’t forget to send this info to player grandparents, relatives and friends!

    Now over to YouTube!

  • Girdles and Football Merchandise Store Closes SOON! (2/23/2021)

    Girdles will be passed out this Wednesday (February 24th) at practice to those who ordered one. I did buy a few extra so if you need one please let us know. Checks can be given to me or our treasurer, Leslie Saenz at practice or you may make payments online:

    Football Merchandise: only 3 days left to make your purchases!
    Website closes this Friday, Feb 26th @Noon

    Go Patriots!
    Whitney Distaso, YHS Football Booster President

  • Football Merchandise On Sale Now! (2/18/2021)

    The football merchandise website is open now! Closes Friday 2/26 @ Noon so merch can be made then shipped to you directly to wear for the season!
    This is also one of our biggest fundraisers for the season since we were unable to sell discount cards so please support!
    Go Patriots! 🏈

Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities

JV Games - Chain Gang

Freshman Games - Chain Gang


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Yorktown beats McLean 28-10!! #highschoolfootball #washingtonpostsports #yorktownhighschool #sungazette

Yorktown beats McLean 28-10!! #highschoolfootball #washingtonpostsports #yorktownhighschool #sungazette ...

It’s a Win for Yorktown! 👏🏻 27-14! 💪🏻

It’s a Win for Yorktown! 👏🏻 27-14! 💪🏻 ...

Touchdown Yorktown! vs W&L!

Touchdown Yorktown! vs W&L! ...

Mark your calendars for Weds, March 10th- ALL Day! Let them know you are supporting YHS Football & 15% will be donated to us! 🏈

Mark your calendars for Weds, March 10th- ALL Day! Let them know you are supporting YHS Football & 15% will be donated to us! 🏈 ...

By any means ...this is Yorktown in Arlington, VA btw, not Minnesota in case you were confused!

By any means ...this is Yorktown in Arlington, VA btw, not Minnesota in case you were confused! ...