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It was an exciting 2019 season for the Yorktown Field Hockey team.  Freshman and Junior Varsity went undefeated, and the Varsity girls team had a deep run in the playoffs making it to States!  

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  • FH: Phase A Conditioning – 6/29 (6/28/2020)

    Good Morning. Thank you for expressing interest in participating in Phase A conditioning practices. We are looking forward to finally being able to work with everyone during this time. We are asking that every player closely review this email and understand the importance of following the protocols.

    Sessions start Monday, June 29. As of right now, we will be holding the sessions every Monday and Wednesday. First session is from 7:30am- 8:45am. Second session is from 9:00 am-10:15am. Prior to arrival of the session, we need every player to complete the emergency card and send to sylvia.guerrieri@apsva.us.

    • First Session: Group 1 and Group 2
    • Second Session: Group 3 and Group 4

    All players must bring their own water and it’s required that they have it in a 32 ounce water bottle. At no point are players allowed to share water. There will not be a water cooler available on site for refills.

    All players must have a face mask. They must wear it at all times until the coach gives them the ok to take it off to start the training session.

    **If you are not feeling well, please stay home! Don’t put others at risk!**

    Arrival: 7:30- 7:45- Group 1 and Group 2

    1. Please do not arrive any earlier than 7:30
    2. Pre-screening will take place prior to entrance of the field. Coach Guerrieri will be doing temperature checks and asking a series of questions prior to entrance of the session. While waiting in line, all players must be wearing a mask and be a distance of 6 feet from others.
    3. No player is allowed into the stadium until they have been screened.
    4. If a player has a fever of 100.5 or higher, they must immediately be sent home and the athletic department will be notified.
    5. Once cleared, players will enter the field and go directly to their assigned group location. Coaches will be in the assigned location to enforce face masks and social distancing.

    Conditioning Exercises: 7:45-8:45

    1. We will be continuing the exercise program that you have been given access to. We will modify the exercises if we need to.
    2. Your assigned coach will give you the ok to take off your mask. While exercising all players are required to stay at least 10 feet apart from others.
    3. We will be giving you water breaks as needed.
    4. At any point during the training session, if you need to break or if you’re not feeling well, you must notify the coach asap!
    5. There will not be a trainer on site.


    1. Face masks must be worn when exiting the stadium. Coaches will ask players to put on the face mask immediately after the exercise session is over.
    2. Players must be at least 6 feet apart from others when leaving.
    3. All players must leave the premise. We are not allowed to have players stick around the facility. The coaches must ensure that all players have left the site.

    Arrival: 8:45- 9:00- Group 3 and Group 4

    1. We have to make sure that all players from session 1 have cleared the facility before we allow players for session 2 to go through the prescreening. Please do exit the car until coaches have given the ok to do so.
    2. We will go through the same protocol as listed in session 1.

    Please take a look at the table below to find your name and group placing. We will be keeping the groups apart from each other during the training sessions. Please let me know if there are any questions.

    Group 1: Session 1Group 2: Session 1Group 3: Session 2Group 4: Session 2
    Ellie CowanCourtney HatcherHayley KingAnnie Brickley
    Anna SchwarzElsa LeichtyAmelia O’KieffeBrynn Baskin
    Sydney PollyAva WalshKatie Bernhardthannah lowe
    Sophie DavisAva AlpersteinElizabeth McDonoughKate Black
    Gwynn MichenerAddie MartinKatrina NelsonTaylor Chase
    Natalie YoderOlivia MorganEva SmithQuinn Bailey
    Olivia JuergensValerie EngelPiper GillSydney Inserra
    Maddie SelingerKatie KeoughMaggie O’KieffeGrace McCool
    Taylor WallGretchen SmithMeera VasishtMarin Peale
    Quincy GreeneNorah whiteheadKylie WilliamsKasey Anderson
    Laney ReiserAlexis WilliamsAbigail WittigPaige Baskin
    Emme YoderMaggie BuddEmmy CullinanKelly Brown
     Emmy HartDelaney SintonKayla Johnson

    I’m currently in Pennsylvania and will be traveling back to VA late afternoon. I will respond to any emails once I’m back in the area and I’m guessing that will be around 7- 8 pm. For immediate questions, please call/text me at 484-547-3836. Please complete the emergency form that is attached and email back to me. We need to have the emergency cards on file before we can have players participating in the sessions.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!

    Sylvia Guerrieri
    Health/ Physical Education Teacher
    Arlington Public Schools
    Swanson Middle School

    Please be aware that email correspondence is subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and may be made public if someone requests it – even if you have asked that your message be kept confidential. Also, If  you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the email. The receipt by any unauthorized person does not constitute a waiver of any applicable protections.

  • Field Hockey June 26 Update (6/26/2020)

    Good Afternoon,

    We are officially able to start our Phase A conditioning practices. Thank you for all the players that have taken the survey and expressed interest in participating in the conditioning practices. If you are still interested in participating, please complete the survey so we can add you to a group. We have very strict protocols in order to make this phase successful and part of that is having the groups assigned ahead of time. We are asking that the survey is completed by this Saturday so we can share the list with the athletic department. These conditioning practices are optional and do not determine your position within the team. We will continue doing the workout exercises that are listed on the workout calendar.

    We will be sending an additional email to the players that have signed up for these sessions. The email will include the groups that you are placed in and also the procedures that we will be following to make these sessions successful.

    We will start this Monday, June 29. First session is from 7:30- 8:45. If we need an additional session because of higher interests of players participating, we will have it from 9-10:15.

    This will be 7:30-8:45 AM

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Field Hockey – June 23 Update (6/23/2020)

    Good afternoon. We hope everyone is doing well and excited that we can officially start our summer. We are excited to share that Yorktown athletics will be entering Phase A within the next few weeks. Phase A is listed more in detail below. There is still uncertainty about our start date and what our season will look like, but we can look forward to Phase A. It brings us one step closer to playing. Phase A will also prepare our players and coaches to new protocols that will be in place, like temp checks and social distancing.

    Here is the latest update:

    1. Start date still stands August 3rd, but it is still very unlikely. We are putting that date out there because we want all players and family to have a date in mind as a return to sport. Once we get the ok to start playing, we want everyone to be prepared and not miss out on the opportunity to participate in tryouts. What seems more likely is start after Labor Day.
    1. With restrictions, coaches can start organizing conditioning practices with players. Yorktown is calling this phase, Phase A. Coaches that are interested in this opportunity to work with players during this phase will be participating in virtual trainings and the hope is to start implementation of this phase as early as Monday, June 29.
      1. What this Phase will look like:
        1. Conditioning Only, No equipment used
        2. No physical required
        3. As of now, only 9-12th graders are allowed to participate. If there is available space, we will open it up to 8th graders. Must also be enrolled at Yorktown.
        4. Can only use outside facilities
        5. Coaches splitting up into groups to reduce the amount of players conditioning together
        6. Dates and Times: Not sure yet, we will be working with the other fall sports to sign up for facility usage.
        7. Could be a 2-3 week phase and hopefully with success we can transition into Phase B
          1. No details were given as to what Phase B would look like
      1. Player protocol
        1. Players will be required to answer questions prior to each conditioning practice; coaches will be documenting and reporting back to athletic office
        2. Players must wear face mask when entering field and must wear mask when leaving the field
        3. Players do not have to wear a mask when working out, but must be at least 10 feet apart
        4. Players must bring their own water bottle, there will be no coolers available to refill water
    2. Player interest:
      1. We will be conducting a survey to gather info on the players that would be interested in participating during this phase. The survey will be used to allow the coaches and the athletic department to work together and figure out the best plan of action to implement this phase. If you are having trouble accessing the survey please respond to this email. SURVEY LINK
      2. Right now, we have a pretty large interest in players trying out for the team. We are limited on the amount of players that we are allowed to interact with during this phase. If interested in participating in this phase, we ask that there is consistency with showing up to the conditioning practices. We are thinking 2-3 practices a week for 30-60 minutes.
      3. This is not a mandatory practice and it does not determine your status with playing on the team.
    1. Please get physical forms completed. They can be emailed to yhsphysicals@apsva.us. We encourage getting the physical forms submitted to the activities office as soon as possible. Once we get the ok to start practicing field hockey, we will be conducting practices. In order for you to participate in those practices, you must be cleared by the activities office.

    Hopefully this email brings good news to everyone. We let you know more details about Phase A once they are finalized.

    – Coaches

  • Interest Meeting Notes (6/8/2020)

    Virtual Interest Meeting:

    1. Details about the upcoming season
    2. Still uncertain about the season, but planning on starting August 3rd. Other possibilities include starting after Labor Day. 
      1. FH Is a cut sport
        1. All players, regardless of which team they would make, they are expected to be at every practice.
    3. We need to be patient during this time and accepting of changes that could occur regarding our season
      1. We will communicate with players and parents as the info becomes available
    4. As info comes out from the national level (NFHS) and state level (VHSL) we are making notes on how we can make those changes within our sport. Just like the reopening phases from cdc, nfhs also has phases for returning to play.  More info:
      1. NFHS-https://www.nfhs.org/articles/guidance-for-state-associations-to-consider-in-re-opening-high-school-athletics-and-other-activities/
      1. USA field hockey is providing ideas on how changes can be made within the sport
    • Workout plan
    • Each month there will be a new workout plan. Because of the uncertainty, we want to make adjustments based on when we will be starting
    • Goal is to prepare every player for the start of tryouts. What you could be tested on and what the workouts will prepare you for:
      • 3 mile timed run 
      • Futures field test (include diagram)
      • Sprints/ Shuttles
      • Strength and Endurance Testing (based off exercises in workout program)
    • Very important to do the workouts because once we get the clearance to start participating, we are expecting players to be at that fitness level. 
    • For those interested in working out virtually together, we will have seniors running different group sessions
    • Green Day Practices:
    • Every Tuesday there will be a new video of drills to perform at home.
    • Players will have access to these drills on google docs and will also be able to track their progress.
    • Players should do the drills at least 2 times a week, the more the better!
    • Drills will be very basic and will progressively get harder.
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am  I will have check in times using zoom where all players can ask questions, share their progress, or simply check in. Completely optional, but it’s a way for coaches to provide feedback and stay connected with players.
    • Players can also individually contact coaches to provide feedback. 
      • Players can video themselves doing a specific drill/ skill (it could be any skill, doesn’t have to be limited to green day video) and we can provide feedback. 
    • We want to document this journey of our season preparation. We want players to feel connected and motivated . Players are asked to share with their senior group leader videos or pictures so we can post that to instagram.
    • How will players have access to these documents?
    • We will share all this information using google drive.
    • We need everyone’s contact info 
      • Player- Full Name, Grade (2020-2021), cell #,Player email
      • Parent’s email, cell #
    • Sign ups for green day practice/ workout groups 
      • Available within this folder
      • Senior groups will change throughout the summer (when new workout plan comes out, players will move to a new senior group leader) 
      • Players can work individually or sign-up with senior groups to complete the drills.
        • Players will sign up on google doc and coaches will divide the players among the senior group
      • If they do sign up in groups, seniors will contact them through groupme app and these seniors are working directly with coaches on the organizational part of instruction/ leading
    • Physical Forms
    • Must have an updated physical form dated after May 1st 2020. Will not be able to participate if this is not on file with the activities office.
    • In previous years, YHS has allowed students to sign-up for a physical that was performed at the school. There was talk about when/if that can happen. I do not have anymore details on whether they will be having that available to student- athletes.
    • It was asked that players use their family physician and to make sure all necessary pages are signed. It’s really important to review the forms before leaving the doctor’s office to ensure everything is signed.
    • It can be emailed yhsphysicals@apsva.us
    • Equipment:
    • We do not provide equipment- Shinguards, stick, goggles, mouthguard (Available)
    • Goggles- MUST be labeled ASTM 2713 (https://www.longstreth.com/field-hockey/legal-field-hockey-goggles.asp)
    • Shinguards- I highly recommend hard shell shinguards. (https://www.longstreth.com/Shinguards-and-Rashguards/products/1221/)
    • Longstreth is a great resource for all field hockey products
    • While we are asking players to participate in the virtual green day practices and workouts, we are still enforcing the covid guidelines. We are not encouraging players to get in groups to perform the exercises or drills. We are asking players to be mindful of the current guidelines.

    For further questions:

    Sylvia Guerrieri- 484-547-3836

  • YHS Field Hockey Interest Meeting 06/04/20 and 06/05/20 (6/2/2020)

    We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this time. We have not received any new information about the status of our season. As mentioned before, once we receive any new information we will share it with everyone. We are still asking everyone to plan for an August 3rd start.  

    We would like to hold virtual interest meetings using zoom.  We will have 2 separate sessions. The first session is for returning players and the second session is for any new players. We understand that the designated times may not work for some, so feel free to join in on which ever one works best for you. If you are unable to attend any of the meetings, please let us know so we can provide you the details of the meeting. If you are not planning on returning this season, please let us know so we can remove you from the distribution list.

    During the interest meeting, we will go over how we plan to prepare every player for the upcoming tryouts. We will go over the workout plan, virtual green day practices, and answer any questions that you may have about the upcoming tryouts/season.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone during the zoom meetings. Below are the invitations for the meetings.

    Topic: Returning Players Interest Meeting

    Time: Jun 4, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 968 5408 2367

    Password: 1D1va9

    Topic: New Players Interest Meeting

    Time: Jun 5, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 975 7323 6433

    Password: 4c4aa6


  • Coaches Update 5/14/20 (5/14/2020)

    Hello all! 

    We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. We wanted to update everyone on the approach to the upcoming fall season. I know many of us have a lot of questions so hopefully this email will help. The VHSL have a few scenarios that they are playing out right now. There is a slight possibility that we could start our tryouts on August 3 like originally planned. We should know that answer within the next few weeks. Right now, what seems more likely is having the season start after Labor Day. There are other scenarios that could happen if we do not start after Labor Day, but we will worry about that later if we need to.

    As mentioned, there is a slight possibility that we could start August 3rd. We would like everyone to plan on that date as the start of our season like originally planned. We have established a culture within our team that attendance during tryouts and for the rest of the season is crucial and necessary for the growth of our teams. We will communicate with everyone as soon as we have this answer.

    If we start after Labor Day, we do not know what our schedule will look like. There are many questions that we have as well. What will tryouts look like? How many practices will we have before our first game? When is our first game? With many more questions, the biggest one is planning all of this while still following the safety guidelines. We are working closely with the Activities Office to formulate a plan of action.

    We are planning on having a Virtual Interest meeting for returning players and new players. During that time we will go over the expectation for the season, summer workout plans, safety approaches to follow COVID-19 precaution guidelines, and answer any questions that players may have. Dates and times are not set. We will email that info to everyone once we have those details.

    The coaching staff is really looking forward to the upcoming season. Although we don’t have answers on start dates, we are optimistic that we will have a fall season. We will keep you posted on when we will hold the virtual interest meetings.

    If you know of anyone interested please forward their contact info so we can add them to email updates.

    Take care and we are looking forward to meeting with everyone soon!!


  • Spring 2020 Green Day Schedule is Published (3/8/2020)

    Green Day Schedule is published. Check the Calendar for all the important Fockey dates!

  • Green Day Schedule is Published (1/14/2020)

    Green Day Schedule is published. Check the Calendar for all the important Fockey dates!

  • Field Hockey 2019 Wraps Up! (11/21/2019)

    The season has ended, but all of our favorite memories were captured. A Big Thank You to Donna Owens Photography for all the great Fockey shots!  See the full albums here.

Field Hockey Calendar

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🚨Fall conditioning starts October 13🚨 
Tuesday’s 3:30-5:00
Wednesday’s 6:30-8:00 

Sign-up on Team App

🚨Fall conditioning starts October 13🚨
Tuesday’s 3:30-5:00
Wednesday’s 6:30-8:00

Sign-up on Team App

YHS Sports virtual Meet the Coaches Night Tuesday 9/29 🏑 @yhssports 

7-7:10 — general overview 
7:15-7:35 — Session 1 
7:40-8 — Session 2

YHS Sports virtual Meet the Coaches Night Tuesday 9/29 🏑 @yhssports

7-7:10 — general overview
7:15-7:35 — Session 1
7:40-8 — Session 2

Happy First Day of School from some of your hockey seniors!! 💙 

#takeflight and study hard!!📚💻

Happy First Day of School from some of your hockey seniors!! 💙

#takeflight and study hard!!📚💻

Congrats to our AMAZING seniors!! Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to our program you will be missed!! Good luck in your future endeavors 💙

Congrats to our AMAZING seniors!! Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to our program you will be missed!! Good luck in your future endeavors 💙 ...



Varsity Head Coach

Sylvia Guerrieri

Varsity Assistant Coach

Shelby McDavid

Junior Varsity Head Coach

Olivia Shipley

Freshman Head Coach

Jo Richards


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